About Us

  • Fernand, J.M. and Emile Lapeyre in 1949

    In 1943, 16 year old James Martial (J.M.) Lapeyre had an idea for a shrimp peeling machine that would revolutionize how his father, the founder of Grand Caillou Packing Co., did business. That innovative idea led to the founding of Peelers Inc., in 1949, today known as Laitram Machinery.  

    In business over 60 years, Laitram and its four operating divisions (Laitram Machinery, Intralox, Lapeyre Stair, and Laitram Machine Shop) have revolutionized the manufacturing landscape in South Louisiana and around the world. More than 1900 employees employed around the world work collaboratively to provide innovative products and solutions for our customers.  The work we do provides us with endless opportunities and challenges, and we value every contribution made towards exceptional company performance.   


About Laitram

Laitram is a vibrant, forward-thinking company with an intense commitment to innovation, integrity, and continuous improvement throughout its four operating divisions – Laitram Machinery, Intralox, Lapeyre Stair and Laitram Machine Shop.

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