Laitram Machinery

  • Laitram Machinery, formerly known as Peelers Company, was founded on J.M. Lapeyre’s industry-changing shrimp peeler and is now a leading manufacturer of seafood processing equipment. Since 1949, Laitram Machinery has pioneered durable, high-performance shrimp peeling systems, shrimp graders, steam cookers and chillers that increase efficiency and yield for processors worldwide.

    Laitram engineers, manufacturing teams, and service technicians draw on decades of industry experience. Further, we use high-quality stainless steel, carefully sourced materials, and state-of-the-art technology to manufacture our equipment. Our ever-expanding global service ensures that customers get the support that keeps downtime low and productivity high.  
    • Laitram Machinery, Inc.
      220 Laitram Lane
      Harahan, Louisiana 70123
      United States
      Tel: 504 733 6000 
      Fax: 504 733 6111

      Laitram Machinery APS
      Voerbjergvej 40R
      9400 Noerresundby
      Tel: +45 98 90 07 80
      Fax: +45 98 90 07 49

    • 800+

      pounds of shrimp peeled an hour by a single peeling machine


      countries with Laitram Machinery shrimp peelers


      million pounds of product cooked annually in Laitram cooking systems


      shrimp peeler designated “A National Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmark” by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers

    About Laitram

    Laitram is a vibrant, forward-thinking company with an intense commitment to innovation, integrity, and continuous improvement throughout its four operating divisions – Laitram Machinery, Intralox, Lapeyre Stair and Laitram Machine Shop.

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