Our Philosophy

  • The Laitram Business Philosophy

    In order to serve our individual interests, the shareholders and employees of Laitram agree to combine our resources to make them more productive than they would be apart.  This philosophy is consistent with our individual values.  We agree to practice these principles for our mutual benefit.

    Customers and Profits

    We agree to provide our customers the most competitive values while generating the profits needed to continuously improve our products and services.


    We agree to continuously improve Company productivity.  Productivity is defined as increasing value to our customers or reducing Company costs.  Productivity is a result of ideas, teamwork and effort.

    Ideas:  We agree to listen to each other's ideas.  Our business can continuously be improved with better ideas.  Idea can only come from people.

    Teamwork: We agree to work as a team.  We benefit from each other's success.  We will treat customers, suppliers and each other as we expect to be treated: with respect, honesty, and fairness.

    Effort: We agree to serve as positive examples for each other.  We will take pride in and show enthusiasm for our work.  We will strive to have fun at work.  When necessary, we will make short-term personal sacrifices to benefit our long-term interests.

     Credibility and Self-Management

    We agree to be responsible for our own credibility. Our maximum productivity can be achieved only through self-managed people.  We will each be self-managed.  Self-managed people are our greatest resource.


    We agree to be compensated based on individual and Company performance.  We will not ask for more, or be asked to accept less, than we have earned.  Each of us will share in the benefits created by our efforts, but only in accordance with the value of our individual contributions.

About Laitram

Laitram is a vibrant, forward-thinking company with an intense commitment to innovation, integrity, and continuous improvement throughout its four operating divisions – Laitram Machinery, Intralox, Lapeyre Stair and Laitram Machine Shop.

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